Home Staging Checklist

In today’s challenging real estate market, staging your home can save you lots of stress and money, if done properly.  Our Home Staging Checklist can help make sure that nothing is forgotten.  Get a FREE printable copy of our checklist a the bottom of today’s blog!


Make It Official

  • Select a Realtor, if needed.
  • If you need help setting the selling price, a professional appraiser may be able to help.
  • Most potential buyers will need to complete their own home inspection, but having one done yourself can be a selling tool, as well exposing any issues that can be addressed proactively, leaving you with less surprises.


Planning and Repairs

  • Personally do a walk-through of your home and notate any issues that you see.
  • Invite several discerning friends and your Realtor (if using one) to walk to through, as well.
  • Select which issues must be addressed prior to placing your home for sale.
  • Set a staging budget; select projects based on your budget.
  • Hire handymen or contractors to fix bigger issues.
  • DIY any projects that you can properly complete yourself.


Pare Down and Clean

  •  Purge any items that you no longer want or need. These things can be thrown away, donated, or sold.
  • Hold a garage sale if you have a large amount of items that were purged.
  • Thoroughly clean all rooms in your home, keeping in mind that potential homebuyers will open cabinets and closets, peek behind shower curtains, and open appliances!
  • If your home is carpeted, consider cleaning the carpet, even if you do it yourself. If cleaning the carpet is not an option vacuum well and spot clean any issue areas.
  • If your home has tile or hardwood, thoroughly clean these floors as well. Dust and dirt can easily be seen on these surfaces.
  • Place small appliances, toys, and pet items in their proper locations, preferrably behind closed doors (closets or cabinets).


Update and Depersonalize the Interior

  • Replace any yellow-toned light bulbs in your home with white- or natural-light bulbs.
  • Repaint any bold wall colors to a more neutral palette
  • Replace prominent family photos with non-personal subjects, such as landscapes, quotes, etc. These can be found and printed online and simply placed over photos until your home is sold.
  • Remove knicknacks and place in an out-of-sight location.
  • Reduce wall-hangings to a few per room. It will maximize wall space and make the room look larger.
  • Update hardware on cabinets and light fixtures if the finish is dated.


Highlight Features

  • If your home has hardwood floors, remove over-sized or bulky carpets.
  • Remove or pull back draperies to highlight natural light or views.
  • If you have a pool, be sure to clean thoroughly and leave the door to the pool open to invite visitors outside.
  • If you have a fireplace, also clean thoroughly and stage with firewood.


Curb Appeal Goes a Long Way

  •  Detail your lawn regularly and directly before showing it. This includes now only mowing, but edging and sweeping or blowing up debris from driveway and sideways.
  • Weed flower beds, plant new colorful flowers to accent home color, and lay fresh mulch
  • Trim bushes.
  • Clean out gutters.
  • Spray down outside and refresh paint if needed.
  • Pick up any lawn furniture or toys and store.
  • Pick up any animal droppings.
  • If your home has a porch, stage with thoughtfully-placed seating and plants.
  • Power wash the driveway or pavers, if they are stained or dirty.

Don’t Forget the Garage!

  • Purge any items in the garage that are unneeded or trash.
  • Properly dispose of any chemical by calling your municipality. Homebuyers won’t want to deal with these items and movers are not allowed to transport them.
  • Make sure that your garage can fit the appropriate number of cars. If you have a two car garage, be sure there is enough space for potential buyers to at least visualize that happening.
  • Showcase any garage storage.


Appeal to Buyers on Open House Day


  • If weather permits, open up windows to let fresh air and light in.
  • Bake or burn a candle with a wide-appealing scent.
  • Send your pets to another location.
  • Serve refreshments to buyers.


Don’t forget to download your staging checklist!