Simple Solutions: “Last In-First Out” Box

There are lots of little things you can do to help save your sanity during a move. Our favorite tip is to create a “Last In – First Out” Box.  This means that the last box placed on the moving truck will be the first box to come off.

Here’s what you might think about putting in your “LIFO” Box.

  • Are you a morning coffee junkie?  Make sure you have your coffee, coffeepot, cups and whatever else you need to get the day going.
  • Toiletries – we’re not talking about make-up! Don’t forget to have toilet tissue for each new bathroom, paper towels, hand soap, etc.
  • Are you a clean freak? You’ll need to include sanitizing wipes, paper towels, plastic gloves, etc.
  • Snacks – you may not be able to get to a store right away, so be sure to pack some non-perishable snacks that provide energy; think about nuts, dried fruit, and protein bars. If you’re not going far, have a couple of pieces of fresh fruit on hand. Last but not least, make sure you have some bottled water with you.
  • Want to stay connected?  Some electronics may not be vital on move day or shortly after, but most of us will want to keep our cell phones charged and have access to the internet.  Pull out cell phone cords and any other necessary electronics so they are easy to find and access.