About Redefined Living

If you’ve ever moved before, you probably understand why experts say that moving is the third most stressful life event. Not only does it throw your typical routine out the window and add to an already growing to-do list, but living out of boxes for days (or let’s be honest, weeks), and not knowing where things are can weigh heavily on your sanity and your body.

But we believe no matter your age or what stage of life you’re in, moving doesn’t have to be stressful. That’s the belief that drives our business forward, and our step-by-step approach to managing moves has proven it to be true time and time again

Premier Services

The question isn’t so much, “What do we do?” but “What can we do for you?” Because when it comes to moving and home organization, Redefined Living does it all, and we do it with passion, integrity and relentless attention to detail.

  • Sorting, Decluttering, & Organizing
  • Floor & Space Planning
  • Packing & Unpacking
  • Staging & Moving
  • Estate Clean Out
  • Moving & Storage
  • Free Consultation

    When individuals and their families trust us to help them with an upcoming move or home organization project, we truly consider it a privilege — and it’s one we don’t take lightly.

    For instance, one of our expertly trained move management, downsizing, or home-organization specialists will meet with you personally to get to the bottom of exactly what you need.

    Who We Serve



    • Firstly, we help seniors who are transitioning to a new home or transforming their home to meet their changing lifestyle.
    • Furthermore, we help empty nesters that are ready to downsize to a smaller home, condo or active adult community.

    Busy Professional

    • Adults needing assistance moving their parents, especially when the process is long distance.
    • In addition, we help busy professionals who don’t have the time (or inclination) to prepare for a move.

    Retirement Community

    • Additionally, we can assist family members who have lost a loved one and need to clear out their home or senior living space.
    • Finally, helping retirement communities by offering move-in, clear out, and organizational services to their residents

    Who Benefits?

    For one thing, we will take a personalized approach to meeting your goals and create a step-by-step plan to getting the job done in the timeframe you need. Let us do the work, while you finish your book, spend a day with the family, or catch up on work.

    • Seniors
    • Adult Children & Family Members
    • Geriatric Managers
    • Health Care Professionals
    • Senior Living & Retirement Communities
    • Social Services Agencies
    • Attorneys, Trustees, & Executors
    • Financial Planners
    • Realtors


    Since 1997, Redefined Living has been providing peace of mind for overwhelmed clients. Whether you’re a senior faced with downsizing, a busy professional or a family on the go, our well-trained move managers can make your next move stress-free. Even more, read why Redefined Living is Tampa Bay's #1 Choice for Organizing, Packing, and Move Management!

    In fact, Redefined Living was the most professional and courteous business that we ever had the pleasure of dealing with while making our move.

    thumb Rosa Lily
    August 22, 2018

    What a great experience with a company. I was so thankful to deal with a professional after dealing with his situation with a competitor! Thank you redefined living.

    thumb Jennifer Heying
    August 6, 2018

    Had the pleasure of working with this fine company and I'm extremely impressed w/ their passion for what they do! The team has been together for many years and their commitment to delivering the best customer service is impressive. I would also like to mention their time spent doing charitable work for the community in November, worth looking into and getting involved!

    thumb Sharon Fekete
    March 27, 2017