Our Owner

Amy is the Owner and President of Redefined Living™, specializing in Move Management and Professional Organization services, as well as Redefined Moving, which provides high-quality Moving services.  Beth founded Redefined Living in 1997 after several years of helping elderly neighbors and friends move from their “long-time” home to a smaller home. Their relief at having guidance with the move process and assistance with sorting through a lifetime of possessions was evident. She realized that “move management,” although an unrecognized profession at the time, was a much needed service. Beth was certainly no stranger to moving, as her dad and mom moved more than thirty times during their lifetimes!

Beth is heavily involved in the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM).  She currently sits on the NASMM Ethics Committee,  presented at the 2014 NASMM Conference, was inducted in February 2014 into the Circle of Service Diamond Society, which is reserved for move managers that have attained a high level of experience and expertise, and been a member of NASMM for 10 or more years, as well as recently having received the NASMM A+ Accreditation, a designation which only 12 companies in the country hold.  In the past, she served as a board member for three years, was on the annual conference committee, contributed to NASMM University webinar, contributed to the NASMM Front Door Program, has presented as a conference speaker since 2011, and was inducted into the NASMM Circle of Service, an honor reserved for Move Management companies that have shown longevity in the industry and commitment to quality.

Her additional professional involvement includes: working as a Next Step Trainer for the eSMMART Program, working as a trainer for CRTS (Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist) and serving as a member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers).  Beth is also committed to educating the public on Move Management topics and has donated her time presenting seminars to the Tampa Bay community for the past 10 years, as well as making several guest appearances on the ElderCare Hour Radio Talk Show.


Our Company

At Redefined Living, we understand that moving is difficult at any age, but know it can be especially true for someone experiencing a later-life move. The task of sorting through a lifetime of possessions can be overwhelming, taking both time and energy. Our staff is trained in providing our clients with peace of mind. Their possessions are sorted, packed, and unpacked with loving care; we understand we’re not just moving boxes, we’re moving a lifetime of possessions. We believe that the staff we send into our clients’ homes defines who we are and what we want to offer…extraordinary service. Our employees receive training through monthly staff meetings as well as quarterly workshops. They are also given the opportunity for online learning. You can be assured that all of the Redefined Living staff work hard to maintain their reputation for honesty and integrity.

In February 2014, Redefined Living received the “Small Business of the Year 2014” Award from the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce. In order to qualify, companies must have demonstrated a “three-year track record of best practices in business sustainability and growth, commitment to employees and community involvement.”