More than a decade of experience in relocation assistance has resulted in a wide range of services to make your move as efficient and stress free as possible. Whether you want us to do it all, or just help with certain tasks, we can customize our services to fit your needs and budget. We provide detailed estimates so there’s never any confusion about costs.

“My friend went from stressed and confused about her move to happy and excited about her new community.”



Giving families time for each other

Moving is an exciting time, with a new home, new friends and new experiences just around the corner. However, the endless to-do list can be overwhelming and take precious time away from the things that matter most, like your family. Our team of family professionals takes care of all the details, from setting up your utilities to stocking your new pantry, so you can take care of your family.


A lifesaver for busy professionals

Today’s careers demand a lot from professionals. But they can rest assured that while they’re busy doing what they do best, the Redefined Living team can take care of all their moving needs. Our complete door-to-door move management service is a time-tested process, making your move simple, affordable, completed on time and hassle-free.

Innovation is a key

We are constantly looking at ways to make our clients’ moves more efficient and less stressful. Redefined Living also continues to look at ways that we can “go green,” regularly re-using and recycling packing materials when possible. An innovation that we are proud to call ours is the use of recyclable blue packing containers. We are pleased that some of our fellow move managers have followed our lead in being environmentally conscious.

  • Less to pack – more money saved on packing supplies.
  • Less to pack – less time spent on packing, more time to get other things done.
  • Less to unpack – more time to start enjoying your new home.

Aging in Place

Aging in place will become the choice for many. However, it is important to address this choice before the time to “age in place” actually occurs. Aging in Place normally entails de-cluttering and organizing your existing home to meet your present physical needs. It also means finding resources that meet your needs, whether it’s for some remodeling, meal planning, home health care or finding a Certified Age In Place Specialist. Redefined Living can help you identify these needs and customize your plan for Aging in Place.



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