Move Management Services

I’m not really sure why a senior move manager is beneficial, why is senior move management needed now?

A late life move is not only physically overwhelming, but can be emotionally overwhelming as well, not only for the senior, but for family members as well. As move managers, we are experienced in dealing with the stress that comes with late life moves. Our services are comprehensive and we take care of all of the details associated with the move. Our clients and their families experience less stress, our approach to moving saves money and delivers a move of the highest quality. We find that our clients have an easier transition to retirement community living when they use our services. Our personal move managers are there to guide our clients and offer support.

It seems that you work predominately with seniors.  Do you organize or move other people as well?

We love working with seniors and their families, but we work with people of all age groups. We’ve actually moved some of the “adult children” of our senior clients and have done moves for college students as well.  Our services fit the needs of anyone who is moving and just needs a little extra support along the way.

How much does an average pack and move cost?

Averages are different based on “where you are moving to.”  Each community has an average, but the average cost for a two  bedroom  apartment at one community may not be the average price at another community because of size, distance, how much the client is taking, etc.  Because of these differences, we do a complimentary estimate for each and every client and we provide a written estimate.  Different clients have different needs and may choose the services that best fit their needs.  Redefined Living charges on an hourly basis so that clients can select the number of hours that best fits their budget.

How long does an average pack and move take?

Our staff is so experienced that we can pack, move, unpack, dust, polish, hook up the TVs, VCR’s, computers and make the beds in the process of one day.  There are times that it’s a two day process, but not often.  Our client’s get to walk in, sit down and relax.

What if I only need help for certain parts of the move and not the whole move?

We are designed to fit in where people need us and are more than happy to help where help is needed, whether it be de-cluttering prior to a move, packing, unpacking, or organizing a home. Our list of services is expansive and our clients can pick and choose what services they would like us to perform, from the full move package to just basic services.  We customize our services to meet your needs.

Do I need to be home if you move and/or unpack my belongings?

No, our staff is licensed, insured and bonded.  We are very experienced in unpacking and organizing our client’s belongings.  Our specialty is making your house a home.

What should I do if my mom, dad or family relative does not want to move, but needs to?

The thought of leaving your home is overwhelming to many people, but for seniors, leaving a home that they have lived in for a long time can be particularly difficult.  Showing patience and  continuing to have open dialogues about “why” they don’t want to move is imperative. There can be many factors influencing the thought of “I’m not ready” and these obstacles have to be overcome one by one.  Educating yourself or your loved ones to the opportunities/amenities available at retirement communities is key.  Remember that many people may think about retirement community living for several years before they actually make a decision to move.  It is not unusual for a senior to visit several communities and attend their events prior to making a decision to move and we highly encourage visiting these communities and taking advantage of their events.

Can I get a free estimate?

Yes, all of our estimates are complimentary. For our move management services, we normally spend about an hour to an hour and a half during our consultation period. For just a move, we can provide you a quote online.

My parents are thinking about moving closer to me, but I live out of state.  I can’t take any more time off from work and they are too overwhelmed to do it by themselves.  Do you offer out-of-state services?

Of course.  A long distance moves works very much the same way as a local move.  We use all of the same principles of floor and space planning, sorting, downsizing, etc.  The Redefined Living team does the packing and we secure estimates from our trusted long-distance movers.  All of the details are handle for you.

Estate Disbursal

How do you handle disbursing an estate?

Estate disbursal comes in many forms and we work with you or an attorney to follow your wishes.  We can ship items to family members, send items to charity or consignment or arrange for an estate sale if necessary. We understand this is an emotional time and we customize our services to fit your needs.  We often handle the disbursal of estate for an out of town family member.

Organizing Services

How can an organizer help me?

Organizing is a process.  Many times our clients don’t know where to start the organizing process and become overwhelmed.  Through our consultation process we help write a “mission statement” of what you want to accomplish. We offer practical solutions of how the project will be accomplished and we work with you.  We believe that your mission statement is your roadmap to becoming better organized.

Do you only organize with people who are moving?

You don’t have to be moving to use our services.  Our organizing services are designed to help restore order to your home.  We often work with people who have decided that “less is more” and they engage our services to help them on this journey.  We also provide organizing services for people who want to age in place.

How long does it take to finish an organizing project?

Although our goal is to help you get your project done in an efficient manner, there are many factors that can influence how long it takes to complete a given project. Are you a quick decision maker or a “ponderer?” How big is the project that we are working on? Are you a full-fledged clutter bug or just floating on the edge?

Our organizing sessions are normally scheduled in 4 hour blocks of time, although there are times when we work more than the four hour block if our client requests us to do so.

I work full time, could you organize my house if I’m not there?

We believe that organizing starts with a sorting process and in most cases includes some purging.   We want you to learn organizing skills while we are working with you so that you can maintain an organized way of life. You can be the only person who decides what is being kept and what is being donated.  Once the sorting has been done, it is possible that we can organize your home without you being present.  However, we will have defined the “rules” of where you want things put and how you want them organized.

Will you get rid of things if I decide not to keep them?

Organizing does not necessarily mean that you have to get rid of things, but if you do decide to donate items, we will arrange this for you.