Simple Solutions: Repair Old Bathtub Caulk

Simple Solutions: Repair Old Bathtub Caulk

With the holidays and guest visits on the horizon, we all want our homes to appear in tip top shape.  One very easy, cost-effective, and quick fix is to freshen and repair your old bathtub caulk.  A little elbow grease can make your tub look like new!

1)Using a 3-in-1 tool or plastic razor, cut, and remove all caulking. You may have to use a putty knife to scrape away any remaining bits. Be careful with the amount of pressure, so you don’t scratch the paint on the bathtub or scrape the tiles.

2) Once the caulk has been removed, use a caulk remover to clean all surfaces (following manufacturer’s directions).

3) Apply new latex caulk that contains a mildewcide. Take your time and keep a steady hand and in no time – you’ll have a fresh, clean look.

4) Once the project is done, be sure to leave plenty of drying time!